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Hot Spots Of Sentosa Island
By rohan a
Singapore, which is one of the most enchanting tourist destinations, is full of attractive sightseeing options. One of them is Sentosa Island. It is basically a recreation island. Visiting this place will give you a rejuvenating break. Are you interested in knowing about the popular hot spots of Sentosa Island? Then simply have a look at what we have in store for you!

List of Hot Spots of Sentosa Island

If you ever visit Sentosa, you will realize that it is all a part of fun. It is popular among the local people as well as the tourists. A minimum of one day is required for exploring this place completely. It would be even more wonderful if you plan an overnight stay. In this offshore island, you can enjoy almost everything like you can swim; you can whiz down water slides, sunbathe, can visit wax museums or butterfly parks or even can eat to your heart�s fullest content. Have a look at some of the Sentosa Island hot spots that are listed below �

1.Butterfly Park � This landscape garden is just unique in itself. Here, you will find over 15,000 different varieties and species of butterflies. You can definitely understand what a lovely sight these butterflies can make. So, make sure that on your trip to Sentosa Island you pay a visit to this interesting park.

2.Insect Kingdom � Here, at this another popular and unique spot of Sentosa Island, you will get to see more than 3,000 rare species

of insects from various regions of the world.

3.Tiger Sky Tower It is the observation tower on Sentosa Island and one of the great spots to explore. From this tower, you will get to watch a panoramic picturesque view of the nature. For getting that scenic view, you need to enter a disc-shaped cabin that is fully air-conditioned and with glass windows. After reaching the top of the tower, you finally get to see the breathtaking mesmerizing view.

4.Underwater World This fantastic aquarium is located on Sentosa Islands western part. This particular museum will give you the opportunity of exploring 250 different species marine and fresh water animals. It is a submerged glass window tunnel through which you get to see the different wonders of the marine life such as turtles, coral reef, sharks or the stingrays.

5.Merlion Statue You can enter this 37 meter high statue by a lift right from the ground to the 12th floor. People from various parts of the world come and visit this place. The main attraction of this spot is the water features, which are simply a delight to watch.

6.Fort Siloso It is the single preserved fort of Sentosa and it was built in 1880s by the British. It is one of the best spots of Sentosa Island and this military themed attraction gives you several scopes of exploration. For instance, you can explore the Barrack Room, Tailoring Shop, and display of artillery guns.
Rohan Arora is travel based writer. I like traveling & exploring new destinations. For more info on Sentosa Island and Singapore botanical gardens visit us

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